Current Artwork

Arums Through Glass 2014 75x75

Arums Through Glass 2014

75cm x 75cm

Calla Lilies 2014 55x75

Calla Lillies 2014

55cm x 75cm

Poppies 3 2014 75x105

Poppies 2014

75cm x 105cm

Sackville Pam  Pomegranate 2014  75x75

Pomegranate 2014

75cm x 75cm

Apple Through Glass 2 2014   57x57

Apple Through Glass 2014

57cm x 57cm

Hydrangeas 2010 105x75

Hydrangeas 2010

105cm x 75cm

Tulips 2010 75x105

Tulips 2010

75cm x 105cm

Kale  2007 105x75

Kale 2007

105cm x 75cm

Camellias 2015 4

Camellias 2015


Still Life with Apples 2017

Still Life with Apples 2017

Watercolour 75x75cm

Flowers 2018

Flowers 2018

75cm x 105cm

Roses 2017

Roses 2017

Watercolour 105x75cm

Poppies 2014 75x106

Poppies Profusion 2014

75cm x 106cm

Camellias and Fuschias 2018

Camellias and Fuschias 2018 75x105cm

IMG 7937

Roses from Annie Pam and Norma 2019 75x105 cm

Current artwork is available for sale.
Prices from $1000 - $4000
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About Pam Sackville

Roses 2017 pam sackvillePam Sackville’s watercolours reflect the beauty of flowers and the vessels which hold them. Pam focuses on the play of light rendering tone from the palest hue to deepest shadow, using transparent layers of colour and lost and found edges, revealing folds of drapery, the contours and designs of ceramics, and the distortions and deflections created by glass. Underlying each composition is a pencil drawing which provides a flexible structure and the fine detailed work of the painting.

Over more than 35 years of painting, teaching and exhibiting Pam has never tired of watercolour. She finds it both fulfilling and calming, whilst constantly challenging, to paint the beauty of natural and manmade objects in a world where social, political, environmental and personal turmoil often prevail and are understandably and necessarily the subject matter of many artists. Luminosity and delicacy coupled with the capacity for vibrant strength makes watercolour the perfect medium for this genre and for the commissioned portraits Pam is also known for.

Pam uses both fine and broad brushes, large and small (Arches 640gm) paper as she explores and refines her techniques.

In May 2014 Pam had her 5th solo show at Eva Breuer Gallery, Woollahra. It was to be the 2nd last Exhibition at the Gallery, which closed at the end of May, and marked the end of a very successful 10 year association.


Bettina Jeremy and Gabriella David Bennett 75x105 Kerri graphite  55x75 Ronald 105x75 Annabelle Eva
Manny Max Robyne graphite 75x56 Dave Ronnie Victor3
Graham  2015



50cm x 52 cm

Andrew Wass 2016

Andrew Wass


55cm x 65cm

Maurice Green 2016

Maurice Green


64cm x 75cm

Amelia 2017

Amelia 2017



Poppy 2017

Poppy 2017






ABN 2698 1657 211


1981-83 City Art Institute, Sydney
Bachelor of Visual Arts

1962-64 Toorak Teachers’ College, Victoria
Trained Infant Teacher’s Certificate


2014 Killcare Art Show

2014 Finalist artbeat’14 Art Prize

2014 Solo Exhibition, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney

2013 Killcare Art Show

2012 Killcare Art Show

2012 Finalist artbeat’12 Art Prize

2012 Solo Exhibition, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney

2010 Finalist artbeat’10 Art Prize

2010 Mosman Art Prize Exhibition

2010 Solo Exhibition, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney

2008 Solo Exhibition, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney

2005 Solo Exhibition, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney

2002: Spring Exhibition, Moulton Gallery, Sydney

2001: Exhibition, “Pam Sackville & Friends”, Parliament House, Sydney

2001: Group Exhibition, Moulton Gallery, Sydney

1994: Solo Exhibition, Libby Edwards Gallery, Melbourne

1993: Solo Exhibition, Painters Gallery Australia, Sydney

1991: Exhibition, “Pam Sackville & Students”, Holiday Inn Menzies

1988: Group Exhibition (with Maadi Einfield & Cedric Emanuel),
Holiday Inn Menzies

1986: Solo Exhibition, Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney

1985: Work Exhibited at David Jones, Sydney
(per Robin Gibson Gallery)

1984: Solo Exhibition, Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney

Professional Experience

1995: Published in Australian Arts Diary.

1986-87: Illustrated “Australian Garden Guide”

1985: Completed manuscript for “Flowers for All Seasons”.
Published May 1986, Doubleday.
First edition 8,000 copies

1983: Completed manuscript for “Sydney is a Garden”.
Published April 1984, David Bateman Ltd.
First edition 6,000 copies.

1982-83: Freelance advertising art work

1981-82: “Flowers” column, Weekend Australian


1981-2006 Painting and Drawing classes for Adults & Chiildren

1977-80: Teaching Director, Hillel College Kindergarten

1976-77 Overseas Travels – Canada & England

1965-75: Teaching in USA and Australia

Pam Sackville
Curriculum Vitae


Eva Breuer Gallery 2014  2

Eva Breuer Gallery 2014

Eva Breuer Gallery 2014  3

Eva Breuer Gallery 2014

Eva Breuer Gallery 2014

Eva Breuer Gallery 2014

Evaq Breuer Gallery 2014

Eva Breuer Gallery 2014

Eva Breuer Gallery 2012

Eva Breuer Gallery 2012


Recent Artwork

Pam Sackville Apples Through Glass 2014

Apples Through Glass 2014

85cm x 75cm

Pam Sackville Poppies 2 2014

Poppies 2 2014

57cm x 57cm

Sam Sackville Hydrangeas Through Glass 2014

Hydrangeas Through Glass 2014

75cm x 75cm

Pam Sackville Rose 2014

Rose 2014

57cm x 57cm

Pam Sackville Roses 2 2014

Roses 2 2014

57cm x 57cm

Through Glass 3 2013 75x75

Through Glass 3 2013

75cm x 75cm

Wildflowers 2013 105x75

Wildflowers 2013

105cm x 75cm

Camellia  2013 57x57

Camellia 2013

57cm x 57cm

Camellias Through Glass 2013 105x75

Camellias Through Glass 2013

105cm x 75cm

Through Glass 1 2013 75x75

Through Glass 2013

75cm x 75cm

Pam Sackville Australian Wildflowers 2012

Australian Wildflowers 2012

75cm x 105cm

Dahlias in Blue and White 2012 75x105

Dahlias in Blue and White 2012

75cm x 105cm

Pam Sackville Pears and Roses 2012

Pears and Roses 2012

75cm x 106cm

pam sackville Three Mugs 2012

Three Mugs 2012

72cm x 92cm

pam sackville Tulips in a Spode Jug 2012

Tulips in a Spode Jug 2012

115cm x 75cm

Pam Sackville Hippeastrum 2010

Hippeastrum 2010

106cm x 75cm

Pam Sackville White Roses 2010

White Roses 2010

115cm x 75cm

Pam SackvilleHydrangeas Spode Vessel 2008

Hydrangeas Spode Vessel 2008

75cm x 105cm

Pam Sackville Waratahs 2015

Waratahs 2015


Pam Sackville Grevilleas Flannel Flowers 2014

Grevilleas Flannel Flowers 2014

57cm x 57cm

Pam SackvilleBanksia & Flannel Flowers 2015

Banksia & Flannel Flowers 2015


Pam Sackville Waratah 2014

Waratah 2014

57cm x 57cm

All artwork in the recent gallery has been sold

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