About Pam Sackville

Pam Sackville’s watercolours reflect the beauty of flowers and the vessels which hold them. Pam focuses on the play of light rendering tone from the palest hue to deepest shadow, using transparent layers of colour and lost and found edges, revealing folds of drapery, the contours and designs of ceramics, and the distortions and deflections created by glass. Underlying each composition is a pencil drawing which provides a flexible structure and the fine detailed work of the painting.

Over more than 35 years of painting, teaching and exhibiting Pam has never tired of watercolour. She finds it both fulfilling and calming, whilst constantly challenging, to paint the beauty of natural and manmade objects in a world where social, political, environmental and personal turmoil often prevail and are understandably and necessarily the subject matter of many artists. Luminosity and delicacy coupled with the capacity for vibrant strength makes watercolour the perfect medium for this genre and for the commissioned portraits Pam is also known for.

Pam uses both fine and broad brushes, large and small (Arches 640gm) paper as she explores and refines her techniques.

In May 2014 Pam had her 5th solo show at Eva Breuer Gallery, Woollahra. It was to be the 2nd last Exhibition at the Gallery, which closed at the end of May, and marked the end of a very successful 10 year association.